Career Services

 Zachary Ritter, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Support and Career Services
(310) 440-1291

 The University’s Academic and Career Services Department offers a variety of career services including; career counseling, graduate school planning, job search assistance, interest inventories, interview skills, and resume preparation. The department hosts bi-weekly Academic and Career Workshops, The Mentor Program, Peer Tutoring opportunities as well as the University’s annual Opportunity Fair. Full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internship opportunities are posted on our job board and sent to various University list serves.

Alumni have access to the AJU Career Center after they graduate. Alumni can receive help establishing short and long term plans related to their goals.

Services do not include job placement. However, the counselor can offer many resources and suggestions for full and part-time employment.

Additional Links: NACELink Job Network / Sharepoint Job Network