Campus Safety

American Jewish University is committed to provide and maintain a safe and secure environment for its students, staff, faculty and visitors.  The safety of our campus from both external and internal threats as well as possible natural disasters is taken seriously.  Among measures the University has in place to help protect us all are:

  • Cameras to help monitor all external areas of the campus
  • Our new phone system, upgraded just recently, acts as a PA system allowing us to communicate immediately with the majority of the campus
  • During the past summer, our campus emergency plan was updated and modified to include the ability to lock down the campus in different zones
  • Every year, the Emergency Response Team role plays evacuation scenarios to be as prepared as possible

Within the Residence Halls, each dormitory is well lit, requires swipe cards for secure entry, and has one or two Resident Advisors living within to assist students.  The complex and parking areas are patrolled by security guards and security personnel are based out of the Residence Life Office from 11:00 pm until 7:00 am.

Yet we must be realistic and understand that even with the best planning one cannot stop all random acts of violence. The best means to reduce the probability of such acts is by having an ever vigilant community. Together, we can do our best to ensure the security and safety of everyone.

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