Clubs and Organizations


We promote an active college lifestyle and encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to get involved with the university and student organizations.  AJU has student clubs and organizations for all of your interests. And if we don’t, then you can start one that does! Starting a new club is as easy as visiting the Office of Student Life or contacting Jessica Krause, Director of Residential and Student Life ( or Orit Karni, Assistant Director of Residential and Student Life (

ASAJU ● Casiano Chronicle ● Israel Action ● NASHIR/AJU CHOIR ● Political Science Association ● Psychology Association ● Sports Club

All club officers should be familiar with the University’s event policy procedure manual.  This includes policies on the posting of notices, fund raising, and the rights and responsibilities of clubs.

ASAJU    Read more... 

In order to provide a representative student government at American Jewish University, College of Arts and Sciences, to:
  • Serve as representation and voice for students
  • Be a liaison to administration
  • Act as a secular unifying body
  • Promote the opportunity to develop individual leadership and understanding of group action
  • Supplement formal education on campus
  • Equitably represent student interests, needs, and welfare in the American Jewish University, College of Arts and Sciences student community;

we hereby establish the Associated Students of the American Jewish University, College of Arts and Sciences.

Casiano Chronicle   Read more... 

The Casiano Chronicle is a student run and managed newspaper. It provides opportunities for the development of journalistic skills. Whether one desires to write an advice column, horoscopes, editorials, features, world news, or letters to the editor, the opportunity is here. The publication is the voice of the student body.

Israel Action   Read more... 

Israel Action is established to deal with the growing crisis in Israel and the entire Jewish people and with the need to enhance the education and knowledge about Israel within AJU’s community. To respond effectively to these challenges Israel Action will strive to bring together the different organizations and individuals affiliated with Israel Israel Action (img)to attain a united educational force at AJU.

Awareness: To promote consciousness about Israel among the AJU community
Education: To offer information and foster a knowledge of Israel
Connection: To create and strengthen the ties between the AJU community and the Jewish State
Support: To emphasize the mutual responsibility of the AJU community and Israel
Discussion: To provide a forum for a free dialogue about a variety of subjects related to Israel
Fun: To achieve our mission while having fun

Nashir/AJU Choir   Read more... 

University Chorale - Directed by a member of the university faculty, the University Chorale, Nashir/AJU Choir (img)Nashir, performs selections of both Jewish and non-Jewish music in Hebrew and English as well as other languages.  The Chorale meets twice per week.

Political Science Club   Read more... 

The Political Science Club works to increase awareness of domestic and international politics on campus. One of the goals is to have a focus on Israeli politics and to start out a newsletter of interesting political topics with a section on Middle East politics.

Psychology Club   Read more... 

The Psychology Club is a union which enlightens students and increases the understanding of psychology in daily activities.  We encourage students to expand and/or express their knowledge, ideas, and opinions through creative means- whether it is analyzing a thriller, hosting a psychology seminar, or attending a visually soothing art exhibit. Psychology Club (img)
The Psychology Club strives to make every event fun and intellectually stimulating.

“The purpose of psychology is to gives us a different idea of the things we know best.”
-Paul Valery (French Poet, Essayist and Critic, 1871-1945)

Sports Club   Read more... 

The sports club is dedicated to spreading health and fitness awareness through sports tournaments, a gym buddy system, and other health-minded activities.