Important items to remember

  • Read your AJU e-mail – critical financial aid and academic statuses are communicated via e-mail only

  • In order for loans to process, you must accept your loans. Loans will not be processed or added to your account if you do not accept them and complete the required steps Financial Aid Calculator 3

  • Your lender will contact you directly if additional information is needed

  • PLUS and alternative loans are credit based and will require a credit worthy cosigner if your credit is denied

  • Loan processing may take up to two weeks or longer if your lender or the Department of Education do not have a completed promissory note on file

  • Be prepared to pay your first months rent and first months school expenses out-of-pocket

  • All students should come prepared with cash or a credit card to purchase their books even if they have financial assistance to cover the cost. Refund checks are not typically available until after the add/drop period for those students that qualify

  • Contact Financial Aid Office if you have questions 310-476-9777 ext.252.