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The College, originally founded as Lee College in 1982, ably integrates the study of Jewish and world civilizations into its core curriculum to provide students with a global understanding of the world.

Combining comprehensive instruction in the humanities and social sciences, the College offers majors in Bioethics and Natural Sciences, Business, Globalization and Human Development, Liberal Studies, Literature, Communication & Media, Intergroup Relations and Conflict, International Security, Israel and the Middle East: Politics and Policy, Jewish Studies, Political Science, Psychology, US Law and Public Policy, and Individualized Majors. Small, intimate classroom settings enable students to gain a firm grounding in these disciplines and to intensely pursue their intellectual passions.

The College’s Service Learning Program, an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum, instills in students a deep appreciation for civic participation. Through active, long term involvement with a service organization in the region, students come to understand that community outreach is a commitment that should last a lifetime.

David Lieber Graduate Division

Graduate Center for Education


The Fingerhut School of Education, a division of the Graduate Center for Education at AJU, prepares educators to create and articulate a compelling vision for Jewish education and apply the knowledge, skills, creativity and leadership needed to bring that vision to life. AJU’s Familian and Brandeis-Bardin campuses provide a natural laboratory for innovation, experimentation and integration of experiential and traditional education. Our two-year Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs combine classic and cutting edge educational theory with intensive Judaic study and practical fieldwork experience in teaching and leadership and management. We offer a full-time program as well as an evening program designed to meet the needs of working professionals. Students are mentored and taught by leading innovators, master educators and scholars in the field. A trans-denominational and warmly pluralistic environment is the hallmark of our learning community, drawing students from the full spectrum of the Jewish community from secular, to unaffiliated, to Reform to Orthodox.

We are committed to innovatively transforming Jewish learning into Jewish living through educational experiences in the full spectrum of educational institutions. Our alumni provide leadership and vision in every sector of Jewish education. They are: prominent leaders of day schools and supplementary schools; camp directors, environmental educators and school-based experiential education directors; award-winning day school teachers; directors of lifelong learning, adult educators and family educators; educators for Hillels and programs for emerging adults; staff at museums, foundations and nonprofit organizations; Jewish Studies coordinators and curriculum writers; rabbinic educators; faculty and administrators at colleges and universities; mentors, consultants and master educators.


Established in 1986, the  Graduate School of Nonprofit Management is home to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Arts (MA) programs in Nonprofit Management. It is the only campus-based school on the West Coast that offers an MBA program focusing solely on nonprofit management. With organizational management and leadership at its forefront, the programs offer both fulltime and part-time opportunities. The 58-unit MBA program can be completed in two years based upon fulltime attendance. The School also offers a Master of Arts in Jewish Communal Studies (MAJCS) for those desiring positions with communal organizations and institutions throughout the Jewish community.

The MBA program is non-sectarian and designed to meet the needs of working professionals, with all courses taught in the early evening and at night. Our curriculum is practicum based with immediate application to the students’ work setting...

The alumni have achieved recognition in many sectors of the nonprofit world, proudly representing social service, education, religion, health, culture, and philanthropy at institutions of the highest caliber.


The Ruth and Allen Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies has established itself as a premier training ground for Conservative Jewish rabbis. Through a forward thinking approach that combines a rigorous study of texts with practical, hands on training in such areas as counseling, education and chaplaincy, the Conservative-affiliated school is ensuring that the rabbis of tomorrow will be able to meet the diverse needs of Jewish communities in the United States and abroad.