Student Services


The American Jewish University Bookstore is located on the 1st floor of the Familian Campus near the Administration wing of the main building. It offers in-stock textbooks, Hebrew texts, prayer books, Judaica, supplemental materials, school supplies and more.  Here you can also find Glatt Kosher meals, snacks, drinks, greeting cards, stamps and more. Gift Certificates are available for purchase that can be used for items sold in the store. AJU t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and other university logo items are also available for purchase. Monday through Wednesday evenings, the AJU Bookstore offers a food & drink cart after hours for students with evening classes and other guests that are onsite. The AJU Bookstore makes every effort to supply high quality goods and services at reasonable and competitive prices.


All registered matriculated students are provided a campus mailbox on the third floor of the academic building. Students are urged to check their mailboxes regularly for notice of campus activities, changes in University policy, communications from professors, etc. Students who live in the University residence complex receive their U.S. mail at the residence complex in a locked mailbox.


There are four computer centers on campus, one on the main campus and three in the residence complex. The computer centers are equipped with the most widely used systems and a large selection of software, including tutorials. In addition, there are a number of wi-fi hotspots on campus where students can access the internet on their laptop computers.


The Berg Dining Hall, located on the third floor of the administrative building, provides the perfect combination of delicious kosher food along with a beautiful view! Each meal is in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. The goal of this Department is to provide nutritious, high quality, tasty food at an affordable price. Our food is widely regarded as some of the best kosher food in the Los Angeles area.


The University has a Nurse Based Student Health Center, located on the Familian Campus, available to ALL full- and part-time students. The Student Health Center provides health assessments, needed immunizations, TB testing, over the counter medication, health education and physician referrals.


The Host Family Network matches our students with local families wishing to open their home and share their time, joy, happiness and experiences with a young Jewish student. Many of our students are from outside the greater Los Angeles, Southern California area and the Host Family Network helps them feel more comfortable and at home while away from home.


Photo ID cards, which can be used as proof of student status at establishments throughout the Los Angeles area, are distributed free of charge to all registered students. The ID card is also magnetically coded to serve as the library and meal swipe card. Pictures for ID cards are taken each semester; students who need to be photographed at other times should make arrangements with the Information Technology office. There is a $10 fee for replacement of lost or damaged cards.


While our Mailroom is not a full service facility, it offers most of the services provided by the post office. In the mailroom they do certified mail; registered mail receipt of mailing; express mail; Federal Express and UPS. The mailroom offers other services such as copying and folding services.


The University provides free ample parking, both at the residence halls and at the academic buildings. Guest parking is also available free of charge.
Psychological counseling is available on a short-term basis by a licensed clinical psychologist. Interactions with the Counseling Center are considered confidential. The counselor meets with students on campus. Students may call one of the counselors directly and the counselor will make a personal and confidential appointment with the student.


There are both ritual and culturally oriented religious programs on campus. Our student run programming group is very active in promoting social and cultural events, from weekly Shabbat services and dinners to hosting an annual Chanukah party and decorating the Sukkah.


A student lounge, a fitness center with state of the art exercise equipment and a basketball court are some of many places on campus that students can go to study, meet other students or just relax.


Students with disabilities are invited to contact the Dean of Students, who will work with the student to determine appropriate accommodations. Accommodations may include note taking assistance, extended time on tests or distraction-free environments. Students must submit appropriate and compliant documentation. DHS Handout


The purpose of the student grievance procedure is to provide a process for resolving student complaints. This procedure applies to all student complaints, including but not limited to: academic issues, student services, housing, administrative concerns or matters involving any form of discrimination or harassment. The student recognizes that the University will not investigate anonymous complaints. If a student wishes to file a grievance, he/she must submit a fully completed Student Grievance Form to the Office of the Dean of Students. Click here to download Student Grievance form.