Room Features

  • Comfortable, modern spacious rooms accommodating two students
  • All rooms are equipped with an air conditioner and heater
  • Each room has its own private bathroom and shower
  • All rooms are equipped with phone lines, and students can make calls within a 10 mile radius of   the campus
  • Quiet, safe environment with nighttime security patrol
  • Television and computer lounges
  • Complete student meal service plans available
  • Rooms have one desk and one wardrobe per student
  • Cable TV available in the lounges, and private rooms are cable ready (if the student chooses to subscribe to a cable service)
  • Wireless Internet Connection in the dorms.
  • Recommended wireless internet adaptor: Linksys 802.11b/g Wireless USB Adapter WUSB54G
  • Communal kosher kitchen is available in one of the dorm buildings 

What to bring to the AJU Dorms

There are several items which need to be provided by the resident. These include: twin sheets (regular size), pillows, towels, cleaning products, laundry detergent, hangers, toilet paper, printing paper, power strip with surge protector for multiple plugs.

Optional: Micro-Fridge, TV, stereo, iron, computer and printer, mini vacuum, telephone and answering machine.